Bring Back Mage Trials and Create Other Class Challenges

So I’m sure I’m not the only one that wishes this was brought back into the game. It was a sweet hidden mini game in Old Orbus that you either got told about or randomly came across and it would be a series of dummies you’d have to hit with specific spells. The faster you cast and the better cast aka perfect cast would get you better points I believe. Outside of just playing the game and randomly shooting spells in highsteppe I believe doing that challenge so much helped me as a mage bc I constantly would go back and strive to get a better score than before.

Now with all that you could make challenges like so for all the classes and orientate the dummy spawns and what ability or move would be used with which dummies to a similar setup on how it would be in open world or in a dungeon or raid. This would help teach players as well as get them better muscle memory for the class they play.

You could take it a step further for I loved the hidden aspect of the game. Make beginner for tavern in Highsteppe then go up accordingly for some levels and all the city’s. And then have the hardest hidden away somewhere in the world.


Some sort of ranger accuracy test would be AMAZING to have


I agree , think we asked for additional tests in reborn beta I thought it would be good to tie at least conpleating them to dungeon ready back then.

I also really want an agility course in VR ala that movie where Connery was the king and lancelot did the test. However I know it would be sad due to movement not being perfect in vr.

I would love to see the mage tournament come back , even if we just warp to a testing ground

I would like to see a skeet shoot that can be attempted by any class (scoundrel probably dominate here)

Then class specific.
Have an Archery Competition Ala Robinhood.

A quick draw event for scoundrels (maybe with obstacles you can curve bullets artound?)

Normal mage tournament.

Wack a mole for palladins


It would be quite fun.


I will try to think of ideas for every class that I’ve played and have an okay/decent understanding of the mechanics to each of them. However I’ve never tried bard and probably never will try to play it to be honest with you so if any bard mains that are truly experts at their class feel free to come up with ideas for Ive never played one but I have a few people I’m going to talk to about it to try to come up with something.

Through the Fire and Flames on expert.


The arrow physics are still off compared to oldbus.

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Off or not I think it would be fun


Make bards solo two random bosses at once

(I’m joking… Sort of)

I think improving arrow physics would make a ranger trial more fun though.

Personally, I’d love to see ‘fun’ trials and ‘skill trials’

Some examples of “skill” trials:

Like for Paladin, maybe a precision based course where you need to use your hammer to teleport from point to point (such as pillars) (with each point being able to activate only once and the closer to the center you are, the more ‘course points’ you get. Teleports with the locomotion teleport count as 0 points.) with the occasional ranged blast and such so that the Paladin has to practice with precision under fire.

Archer could have moving targets at various ranges and heights with the closer to center the higher the points. (though fix physics first)

Scoundrel could have a precision based things like having to shoot through loops or w/e to hit an object.

Bard could be something like musical notes based where you are given 6 instruments to equip and the game will show you 3 of them to activate. The more ‘perfect’ you hit the notes, the more points you get and sometimes the instruments will change between note sets so the bard will have to keep changing which instruments are playing. This could be combined with having the bard do an obstacle course to simulate playing while in combat. Though they’d need to fix instrument changing (sometimes instruments get stuck or seem to change randomly) and maybe find a musician to make the music sound better.

Some examples of ‘fun’ trials:

Paladin could be something like whack a mole for single player and for multiplayer, could be something like cricket or golf.

A multiplayer option for Scoundrel could be like a ranged from 20 game where you have 3 cards, 1, 2, and 3 that require trick shots. You have x time to hit a card before you automatically hit 3. You’d take turns with at least one other player/NPC. Goal is to avoid making the stack hit 0.

Another option for scoundrel could be a rapid fire hit the cans game.

Multiplayer for Bard could be something like taking turns to play music as decided by an audience member (custom or premade). Maybe even playing together as a band.

Archer could be something like a player/NPC has to stand still and the archer has to shoot an apple off of the player’s head. Hitting the player could result in a voice clip like: You shot me! or How could you… Players could take turns at increasing distances + obstacles until one of them misses.


Would love to see some fun game areas like maybe a hide and seek zone with no enemies where players can just have fun playing hide and seek (though you’d need to fix skywalking for that or rely on the honor system). (I’d love to see some player created worlds, but considering the “maturity” level of some players, I can’t recommend that).

Could be fun if while doing some challenges, you have other player obstructing you (rangers could fire smoke arrows, mages might cast spells to obstruct the view) or helping you (shamans could maybe turn some obstructions into frogs if they can throw their totems into place, as an example). Players without a real ‘help’ or ‘obstruct’ option could grab objects to throw, like maybe a smoke bomb spawns every x seconds, or maybe there is a wall they can pick up and lob to force the challenger to deal with. Helpful items could include gust bombs that blow away smoke or that same wall could maybe be used to block challenge hazards.


YES!!! Class challenges would be super helpful! Being as one can make L30 in any class without ever practicing that class’ skills, it would be awesome to have more focus on developing the skills of each class. On one hand, it’s nice having so many missions that develop non-class-related skills, yet I feel the game leans TOO much this way.

One idea would be to have a class-specific NPC mission-giver for each class. You need to be equipped with the appropriate weapon to receive a mission from these Arch-characters who presumably would have great experience and skill in their chosen specialty.

Anyways, whatever way it’s done, it makes sense to have class challenges! Thanks, Morfan!

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Oooo , I like Class Trainers … that is something that is lacking (besides tinny in OG)
Revamping the Bot who hands you weapons and making a series of trainers in the underbelly of highsteppe would be quite nice. Each of them give you quests and you earn your first weapon.

Each quest teaches you a new mechanic about your class and gets you going down your path.

“Warrior Trainee Please show me your Aptitude to Wound the Target over there , no not like that … let me show you.”
(capture movements from volunteer end game players … maybe the one who places top place in each tournament =) ) NPC now moves like best Warrior on server to show you how to wound.

you practice and show competence

“Well done ! [+exp],
However dont just swing wildly …
that will never give you time to block.
Hold your shield up in between swings and charge your attack to repeat your last combo.”

"Here Watch Me [Shows motion of that warrior I saw teaching green-leafs this a few days back :slight_smile: ]

etc etc etc for all the skills and classes and it will be fun to do for newbies , they will understand their class and have a baseline to build from.

Imagine a Holy Paladin Cackling "YOu have to Dodge Me when I show my tell (performs tank buster animation) you throw hammer to glowing ring on floor then return to other ring on floor. "GOOD [+exp]

A Seedy Gambler in a bar drinking too much … “juice”
Starts By having you shoot bottles , he tosses one in the air you have to shoot
then he sits in front of bottle at the bar like a wild bullet curving William Tell and telly you to hit the bottle but not him. “GOOD” [+exp]

A mage casting their spells in-front of you but you can see their mage lines as they cast. Maybe Have a cute magical school set up with a chalk board =)


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