Bringing back mob grinding


In the previous game a big part of leveling up was mob grinding. This was not fun for some but it was fun for others. Not to mention you really learn to know how to use your class. Now there is no incentive to do this anymore. Can we bring back some of this as either alternative of leveling up or as addition of leveling up?

What needs to be done in my opinion is, make mobs that die faster then the current over world mobs, a.k.a. back to shorter combat for some of the mobs. Maybe make a quest which rewards you for killing a specific mob type indefinitely and boost xp on those. Ppl do not feel encouraged to farm mobs ATM even if it might lvl you up faster then in the old game. I guess this is because of lower numbers showing for xp even though it is more in % of the lvl. Another factor is the longer fights. Last factor is the extremely superieur missions and public events (making that difference less also gives more motivation).


Are bait, dye, and legendary transmog drops not motivation enough?

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bait: 1% of population likes fishing. (10% in short term but soon that dies out)
dye: drops like a madman from chests. No grind needed. (I don’t even think they drop from mobs :thinking: )
legendary transmog drops: Anti grind mechanic in place. You can not get a drop once every 60 seconds with killing 1 monster.


Various dyes drop from the overworld mobs that are not in the chests.

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that most already have stockpiles of


(I don’t do overworld much) Are you serious about the 60 seconds? That’s ridiculous.

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I kill level 28 non scaled mobs within 5 seconds on my Full 4+ scoundrel, Farming bulk mobs is pretty fast.

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Yes the 1 roll per min thing is real, it’s to stop people from camping the low mobs I think





Yeah I think there is still perhaps some confusion on the 60 seconds thing.

If you want the best chance of getting the overworld drop you should be killing a mob at least once every 60 seconds (or a little more often to be safe I guess). There’s no harm in killing them faster than that, it’s just not necessary if you are after those drops.

With that said, I don’t know that we are planning to make any changes to make faster mob grinding a thing (e.g. lowering mob health or something), but if you prefer to grind mobs instead of do public events or missions, then I think there are some things coming down the pipe that should coincide well with that. We’ll be sharing more details as we get closer to the June patch. I guess to say, if your preferred play style is to go out into the world without a set thing telling you “go here and do this”, and instead just to wander around, maybe setup shop in an area and grind some mobs, then yeah things will be coming soon to further support that play option.


Sounds exciting. Thanks for the teaser!


if you like killing mobs… you dont need an extra reward for doing so… just go out into the wild and kill stuff for no reason.


But… but there are no wilds :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


I mean, a big part of the fun of MMOs is rewards for actions. You can enjoy something intrinsically, but still be disappointed with the lack of extrinsic reward.


However, the same could be said for public events in all reality. If someone enjoys doing public events and doing that for EXP, why do they need to get loot boxes for it too?


i mean i can enjoy dancing in the moonlight in my mmos, but i dont expect the developers to give me benefits for doing so.

because public event is something the devs want you to do, not something that only you want to do.


The devs want you to do something you like so you keep playing. It seems like you are not a fan of mob grinding and that is why you are acting like this? The whole reason for those events were because some ppl don’t like mob grinding. They wanted to give ppl an option they liked with lvling. The same argument can be said about ppl not liking events or missions and just want to mindlessly relaxing (for them) kill some mobs over and over. But having no real game benefit from it would just be demotivating. Especially all those ppl who stayed long in the old game where it was one of the biggest themes of the game.


I really like the sound of that teaser! I can’t wait for whatever is coming :grin:

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I brought that up like every Beta… there’s no incentives to actually play a class during the leveling process, right now.
Players CAN run around and kill 60 mobs for 7k xp (already having a 30 mobs give 124 for me), sure, why not, but they also can just sit there at an event for 5mins, what will they do; grind to levelup?

Incentives apart from xp: Dyes do drop in really small amounts, fine, I got the one or other but I killed 100s mobs for them. Fishing is becoming interesting only if you are into trading or need lots potions for endgame content.

As for the speed of taking mobs down, some OG players got no trouble with farming/pulling groups, specially mages. As a musky I stand in front of a bear for quite some while though before it’s down. Most groups in Wastelands I can forget, they will take forever (even on other classes I avoid them btw; not sure if there really need patrols of 3 or 4 like in the wilds formerly, but without precious drops). If I had only the musky I wouldn’t bother farming fishing mats, with the scoundrel it’s bit better, but only after I got at least a +1 gun.

Other than that I am also curious about what’s forthcoming :slight_smile:


I personally spend a large amount of time farming fishing ingredients as I love fishing. Different parts seem to have different drop rates, struggle to get useful numbers of eye worms and bloody flesh. Whilst getting teeth, tongues, eyes etc. is easier, better drop rates, it still takes significant time finding amounts worth drinking a fishing potion for. Easily hours gone just to fish in a few different lakes.
Now that is more of an edge case, as I am almost purely fishing, but there definitely is some mob grinding audience. I am definitely excited to see what new incentives are coming and do think we need more reasons to grind mobs.
I don’t think experience should be a reason though, we get plenty from events and missions.