Bringing back the wilds

We should have an area designated for pvp with exclusive transmogs, drops, resources etc. And bring back the oldgame bounty system for the wilds i just think it would push more people into pvp again and it would be alot more fun. :slight_smile:


I think this could be really cool like an entire zone with one teleport in a small town with a couple bandit npcs that give rewards for killing and you get like a 10 second invuln after you leave the town (also more resources with a higher spawn rate, maybe even trickster)


I say yes but only after they fix pvp. pvp at this point is one tap scoundrel and run away with pally. for yall saying ranger can one tap, yes we can.

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yeah bring back wilds please

we were like permanently banned from wilds and we legit did nothing wrong :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The wilds give me PTSD.

I was just a peaceful man going around collecting herbs until my gear got obliterated and I started to run around naked as a level 2 fisherman using my fishing rod as a spear.

To this day, I still remember the blinding light of arcane blast before the light left my eyes…


I don’t know what the wilds were like, but overworld PVP in Orbus is generally just bad. I’d love to expand PVP, but I think something like ranked Arenas (a kill-focused game mode) or other alternative PVP game modes outside of the current BGs would be way better than anything overworld related.

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Overworld pvp is really good, i just wish ranks werent broken

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is this a joke?

what’s “really good” about one-shot scoundrels with invis pots killing you when you had no idea they were there, and paladins hammer-porting away from you at mach speed?

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Yes Yes Yesss

Pvp is my favorite aspect of Orbusvr, and as such i am always ready to support something that will diversify it and bring more players in. I think this is a great idea, especially the bounty system.

I think it could be cool but overworld pvp would need a lot of balancing first.

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No it wouldnt lol, it worked in oldgame it works in overworld pvp currently. i see no problems aside palidan but even that i dont really care about and im in pvp 24/7


Old game didn’t have Paladin or Scoundrel, it was already unbalanced back then and still is lol.

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Overworld pvp is just for killing other players with the stats of classes some op some not. People can play battlegrounds if they want “balanced pvp” but i like that there is classes that can oneshot adds fear of invis players. Or palidans you need to cast different spells or use different cards/ tactics to kill them. I just want the wilds man i feel it would drag alot of people into pvp again.

Dont play dps when roaming then lol swap to it once you see a player, and drink speed pots or stuck combat and swap pally. There are stratagies to go against these classes.

Dude tbh with you I don’t really care about whatever strategies there are to go against the overworld PVP meta bc overworld PVP in Orbus is inherently unbalanced and I pretty much refuse to engage in it at all due to that fact alone. There is absolutely nothing fun to me about unbalanced PVP in any game, especially not when it includes gimmicky crap like invisibility potions, speed potions, and pally-porting.

I can tell you with near certainty that, unless I absolutely needed to for some reason, I personally would never go to these “Wilds” even if they were reintroduced to the game.

I don’t necessarily think that it will bring more people into PVP either. There already aren’t that many people who do Trickster, and I’m willing to bet money a lot of people don’t do it for the same reasons that I don’t like to; overworld PVP is an unbalanced mess that is not fun to participate in. On top of that, overworld PVP is inaccessible to new players, or anyone under level 30 for that matter. In fact, I’d say it’s almost inaccessible to anyone under 30 +5. And when I say “inaccessible” I don’t mean that they literally can’t participate, I mean that with a bunch of level 30 +5 or +6 people with min/maxed gear running around doing overworld PVP, it’s virtually impossible for anyone who’s under-levelled to realistically compete. Sure, they can try, but they are nearly guaranteed to fail.

With instanced PVP modes that are scaled like BGs, even brand new Day 1 players can actively participate without being at a disadvantage for it due to their gear/level. I think the biggest problem with BGs is that it’s just 1 map and just 1 game mode all day, every day. There’s no variety. I think if we really want to bring more people into PVP in this game, what would truly help is more variety in terms of instanced, scaled PVP options. More maps, more game modes, etc.


Agree that it would be awesome to have a map rotation.

Even if they just brought back the old map and alternated with the current one, a bit of variety is a big thing that is missing.

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bring wilds back & trickster chest

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Orbus Vanilla

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Good to see ya Frank.