Broken Halls 1 Speedruns

Hello, citizens of Highsteppe! Have you and your buddies gotten tired of leveling good ol’ Broken Halls T1s? Want something to spice it up a little? Introducing, the BH1 Speedruns! The rules are simple; The shard must be a Broken Hals 1 with any mutation. The party must have 1 Support(Bard/Musketeer), and 1 Tank(Warrior/Paladin), and there cannot be more than 2 Runemages. This is to make sure that the party is balanced and not just DPS spamming their way through everything. The dungeon must be completed to 100%, with both bosses killed. The run stops the moment the second boss dies.

There are 2 main variants of the run – Normal % And Race %. Normal % Uses the rules as stated above. Race %, however, throws in a twist. All players are required to complete the Dragon Race found within the dungeon. Otherwise, standard rules apply.

Post a video of the run here along with your time! Have fun, adventurers!

Nice idea, however, shamans do as much or more than average runemages, so I don’t see why a runemage-party should be forbidden… and no group I know take heals in a BH 1 - if they don’t have to, like, if new players have no other class - since they are superfluous and make it much longer.
So, setting a group like this up artificially, just for the challenge, idk how many are into that.

I’d like to have a total “free” challenge, additionally to that (aka do whatever you like, potions included!) and actually would be interested in “best times ever” on a BH 1 (our best was a little under 4mins I think, but I know there have been even faster groups).

Nice idea with the race, too :smiley:

But next thing is the video proof, sounds like lotsa effort, needs ppl with hardware capable to do this, plus a place to upload it (youtube acc) etc. … you can check times on the armory, right, perhaps just screenshotting a profile here after the run will suffice? Since it’s more or less fun, I’d just trust people don’t cheat with the races. Just my 2 cents.

I suppose, yes

not rly speedy, but with healer :slight_smile:

Why a healer on a bh 1 tho…

Because it is the feckin rules, didn’t you read the post :smiley: ? No seriously, we went with one rather new player who got nothin but a healer, so… just keepin that post alive, nice idea, but the ‘rules’ are a bit… far from reality…

Oh I read the post. Just does not make sense to use a healer on BH1.


I fully acknowledge that a healer in BH1 is redundant, it was done for balance reasons. Hell, if you really wanted, you could go muskie or bard with no support orbs/instruments at all. Same with tank. In theory you could go muskie tank, but that would be against the rules.

Well I dunno how many dungeons you did however a) you don’t do dmg if you got “no support instruments”, it is perhaps 10% - at max - of a real dps, so still irrelevant and b) you can not “go muskie tank” on these bosses… the only shard bosses in the game you can musky-tank are likely the Sewer Slime which needs no tank, and the Lich King, since you can stay away and don’t need to block a tank buster (and Lich King takes forever, since you need to poison down the add-group in between; I did that once on normal during the beta test with a lvl 12, took around 45 mins :smiley: ).

Odd question, can we do an all healer speed run or would that not be able to be counted?

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I want to see a full big shield warrior speedrun!


There are planned to be various sub categories once I can actually get this on :joy:

Thought we would run an AllDPS% run. 27:03 remaining.


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