Browsing through menu in game

Hi Devs and all,

I am amazed by the first steps i did yesterday evening. almost 3 hours, and I found the gameplay challenging and rewarding. I am really curious to see the dungeon.

I wanted to send a few comments on the menu that you browse with your finger.
Even though it feels like you are in SwordArtOnline, I don’t find it that easy to click. Same goes in the inventory.

So I was thinking that maybe an idea would be to have a point and click (like RoboRecall menu) to go faster in the menu.

For the inventory, maybe have 2 buttons, 1 to show info and another to move objects.

What do you think guys ?

I personally like the system as it is. My biggest problem with it, as you said was that it was very easy to double click the same icon by mistake.

I also found a bug where it would swap back my gear when trying to change the weapon. I shouldn’t have been in combat, so im not sure what was going on there.

The clicking needs to be better. It takes a while to equip items. The chest and shoulder slot need to be defined a little better. To delete 10 items from your inventory takes a long time.

I agree, the menu needs to be fixed. No matter where you swipe with your finger the menu needs to pop in a fixed location in front of you. Also I think a small interaction menu would be better. Point/click on an item and get a small menu: Equip/Use, Info, Rearrange, Trash. I think that would make inventory much easier to manage.

A thought on that issue would be once you click an item it would pop up like it’s own menu with buttons beside it ie.delete drop trade equip.

I agree, the menu needs some work.

I think it would be nice to have a separate info area that shows info about the item you’re pointing at while your finger is extended and stays populated when you release your trigger. You could ghost highlight the targeted item during pointing but release the highlight when you release the trigger. That would give good visual feedback while looking for info without confusing with selection.

I would disable the down swipe for menu while the menu is up. While trying to select an item at the top of my bag and then reach down to hit the trashcan, I was constantly resetting the menu with a new menu instance from my apparent down swipe (it didn’t feel natural to me to release my finger while operating). I would also have the menu close when you move away from it as I foresee that being an issue if the down swipe is disabled.

It would be nice to have some roll up info in there somewhere too. Maybe character sheet stats like LVL x, exp z/y, total armor, base damage rate, etc. I know that probably goes against the immersive bent of the game but I’m a numbers junky. Maybe make it optional. I recognize this is still alpha.

Alex (Mourtegoul)

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Oh, hey chrondar! I was heldor in the last test and just saw your post.

Hey! I’ve seen so many posting on here that I had grouped with or socialized with at some point during the Alpha test.
I really like how social this game is over ANY other game I’ve ever played.

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