Bug Fix Patch 5/20/20

Hi, today’s patch includes some improvements to the player names/buff UI, and a lot of bugfixes as well as additional logging for future bugfixes, to help track down desyncs and other instability causes.



  • Updated Player name placement :small_blue_diamond:
    • Moved Title to above players name to ensure easier recognition
  • Fixed errors on player compass throwing exception
  • Shaman super effect added (will show VFX when activated)
  • Bard error fixed with grabbing of instruments
  • Legendary musketeer re-positioned so UI no longer clips :small_blue_diamond:
  • Fixed error thrown when activating Musketeer Lifewell orb
  • Scoundrel card holder now has a visual placement on belt :small_blue_diamond:
  • Can also be re-positioned via anchor points in player menu now
  • Fixed various bounty map issues
  • Updated client to remove warning and exceptions errors in Unity
  • Fixed various fog issues on Quest
  • Added additional logging on client to capture more data to track down de-syncs and various bugs

:small_blue_diamond: indicates an improvement or feature suggested by the community.


Client builds should be available for download.


Oooh thank GOD! Finally xD


Patch should be live.


Lookin MUCH better now !


While I love the title placement update as it’s so much better!

It bugs me slightly though that the name isn’t centred due to the level number/icon is there is there any chance the player name can be centred too?


i cant get the update ill try restarting quest to see if i can get it
edit: it just appeared

I can double check into it with the team, but I believe how it works is the level/icon is an actual part of the name, so the whole thing has to be centered.

For example, if we manually shifted the icon and name left a certain number of units for Mishka’s name to be centered like in that picture, then anyone with a shorter or longer name would then be off center to the left or to the right. The icon or level is tied to the name right now and we only had time to work within the current systems.


Unitys UI system does allow you to have one element centered and another element sticking next to it so it shouldn’t be an issue to make the name centered.


when will crashing be fixed its still annoying the hell out of me?

I like the :small_blue_diamond:, nice touch!


Some of the logging we added in today’s patch are to help us track down some of the crashes, so we’re actively working on it - additionally, we’ve got some new measures that should help us see easier what errors affect whom.

We understand your frustration, and we’re working hard to improve stability. Thank you for your patience.


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