BUG: Mob collider - MEGATHREAD

This thread will be used to help track collision issues for all mobs. Please use the following template when adding additional information:

Mob Name:
Mob Location:
Describe the issue:
Gifs/Videos of issue happening:

Mob Name: Unsure, but during the boss fight with the plant on the ceiling.
Mob Location: Rainforest Dungeon
Describe the issue: I was having to shoot behind the mob in order to hit it. I am a ranger.
Gifs/Videos of issue happening: Did not take a video at the time.

Mob Name: Wolves
Mob Location: throughout early areas
Describe the issue: As a warrior, charging into a wolf’s side causes it to turn and overlap you, locking you in place and unable to slide-walk away, or upslash.
Gifs/Videos of issue happening:

Mob Name: Wyrms
Mob Location: Burning forest
Describe the issue: I have issues with hitting the wings of the Wyrms.
Gifs/Videos of issue happening:

Mob Name: Vanity Pet Dragons
Mob Location: cutely following their players
Describe the issue: They have a hit box and can block shots/ spells. Possibly intended, but a noticeable inconvenience when fighting small/ low to the ground MOB models.
Gifs/Videos of issue happening: No recording, but easily verifiable: Just shoot your pet in the face!

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