Bug or me being dumb?

is it me or does the pally left book just… not work? like i pull it and the book is all :crazy_face::crazy_face: and doesn’t pull agro. no, i don’t get it and then lose it cos of the constant stream of fireballs. the mob doesn’t respond one bit. one time it really confused me was i died on a boss, got revived, pulled the left book, everyone died, and then it went after me even though i didn’t hit it which makes me think that it took me as pulling the book but not getting agro. another reason i don’t think i’m just losing it is the book doesn’t just set all to 0. it puts me above everyone else. i also hear other paladins say stuff like “why didn’t my horn book work?”

lmfao April fools

Pretty sure left book works.

Left book gets you to the top + ~ 40k damage or something like that. Meaning if the enemy is running at a mage, it’ll quickly overtake your left book aggro alone. Recommend to try and use left book in combination with lots of pips after. I see people who just use it and then have nothing to follow. You’ll quickly lose aggro again because its not a ton of buffer. You really do need pips/ heal book after you pull left book in order to keep aggro.

Does warrior horn work? Sometimes I blow my horn when theres another tank present and it keeps hitting the other tank, so strange.

Pretty sure all of the top aggro things require a little bit of extra umph to make it stick.


it wasnt running at any mages and I put pips into him. this happens in any situation and sometimes happens with warrior horn. that’s why I think its a bug and not me not generating enough agro.

Exact same extra aggro as pally. But then without the possibility for burst aggro after that. Hence why it fails so much more often.

I’ve occasionally had the left book not work, but it’s not all that often.

There are some mobs who just have no respect for the book. That purple guy when you go to the right in Sewers is one.

However, I was tanking boss 4 NM with a pally who was stunning a lot the other day, and the boss refused to switch to me. I think that was an issue where he wouldn’t switch if the book was pulled while he was stunned, but I could be wrong.

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