[Bug] - Perpetual "Gained XP" message


2 separate instances… Turned in quest(s) + purchased treats. The “Gained 1500 xp” remains on-screen until logout.


Has it happened to you the other times you turned in quests, or have you done it all at once? If not, can you verify if it always happens to you? Thanks!


All quests done except colossus, so no can do since that one seems to be blocked off.

Happened both times I turned in quests and then purchased treats


Happened to me as well. I had turned in two quests at about the same time… the corrupting killing one and the squirrel capture one (gold reward level for both if it matters). Had to relog to lose it.


Happened to me after turning in quest stack at Sicilius, 60 Rep message stayed up the rest of the session


Also happened to me, but mine was “Gained 200 dram” and it was at the extreme low edge of my view.
I could see it whenever I looked down quickly.


I had the same issue after completing a couple quests, also got it stuck to “item acquired: pet treat” when i bought a bunch of them


I was able to replicate this by attempting to purchase something when I had zero Dram.

The message was at the very bottom of my display. I could see the outline of the message if I looked slight up at the edge of my vision.


Happened to me 3 different times after I broke down some shards. The shard acquired was stuck in front of me till I logged off


Looks like the way the text for our notifications render got busted when we updated our Unity version. Thanks for pointing this out!