Bug with Lord Lenneth crashes the game

So I dont remember the quest name, but basically the quest where you go around and fine the hammer, tent peg and rope, and then turn them into lord lenneth. After you do that, you have another conversation with him where he tells you his speech is about to start. It looks like its supposed to spawn a cutscene or something? But it just crashes my game there every time.

In your Settings menu under the Graphics tab, choose the disable videos option. Sorry about that we are working on a fix and will have some way for you to watch the cutscene in the future.

I think the possible solutions for you are spam the menu button to attempt skipping, or turn off cutscenes in your settings. As far as I know it’s something that is still under investigation.

Lol Riley beat me to it :smile:

I tried spamming the menu button and i managed to get it off in time but it still crashed afterwards. Ill do the disable thing.

We have been trying to get this to replicate on our machines and arent having much luck, can you post comp specs, headset using, graphics setting you were on and then any programs ypu might have running in background?

if we can get enough we can find something in common and go from there. Thanks

I have a 1080ti and an i7 4700k, using the vive running ultra settings, only programs running would things like discord, steam, battle net, chrome.

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