Bug with Placing Furniture

Hi, I don’t know if this is just happening to me, or if it’s a known issue or if I can easily fix it, but recently, I decided to get back into this game and explore some new stuff. Stuff like more alchemy, potion aging and tinkering. Tinkering, in my opinion, is great. You get to make an item with your own two hands in a puzzle and then reap the rewards! Amazing! But, after I completed the tutorial and got my Orbus picture, I decided to hang it on my digital wall. And it did. It ALSO hung THROUGH my wall. The picture itself was sideways, It was jutting out of the wall at a 90-degree angle as to what I wanted and I couldn’t get it to fix itself. Is anyone else experiencing this bug, and if so, is there a way to fix it? Also, I’m playing on Quest, if that info is important for this.


in the furniture chest there is a button that says “build mode”, if you click that it’ll change to blue and you’ll be able to move the furniture around and place it wherever you want. then click the button again to save the positions

Hijacking, please include a snap to grid build mode. Placing bookshelves and then books on those shelves is an exercise in rage control.

Also allow anchor previous item so you cant move it (see bookshelf)

Placing windows or chairs always feels odd when they derp through the wall/floor.


Rec room is a pretty good example of how to do free-building. While it could improve, I don’t know of a better VR example today.

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