Bugged out boss 2 of broken halls

My broken halls 11 shard bugged out and the green orbs from bouncing tracer kept going in circles and one shoting us, we all reloged and that didn’t fix it and as such the shard broke. After this the boss then broke in a second manner and would not return to leash point

If by not return the the leash point you mean not return to the exact spot it spawns? Sometimes enemies won’t always return to their exact spot. In that fight not having the line in the ground can be a bit frustrating but you just have to reposition or roll with it.

As for the orbs thing. Someone will likely be slightly out of line. It can happen when people turn around. Also, musky turret and Rupert (shaman super) count as a person so they can upset the line. It’s best to keep turret in line and never summon Rupert.

The more entities the orbs bounce off the stronger they get

I was in this shard, as musky, directly behind the tank. The turret was on the ground, in line between me and the tank. The orbs were making crazy wide swings around everywhere, not even going through the boss half the time. It was ridiculous. I know I relogged at least 4 times., we all did.

Huh. Did you reset your position?

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