Bugs on class changing 4/29/19

So playing last night I encountered a whole slue of bugs at one time. I had a friend start playing so I wanted to swap to a different class to play with him. I went from my pally to scoundrel but my pistol wouldn’t fire in my left hand. I swapped to the right hand and it fired. Being left handed I decided to just go back to playing pally and would address the bug in the forums but when I did… I now had a gun with my pally gear and books activated. The gun had bubbles on it like a pally hammer and it all seemed to be just stuck in place. I ended up just logging off for the night and haven’t been back on since. I just wanted to give my experience.


Whoa, that’s very strange! Sorry for the issue. When you log back in, let us know if it’s still in the same situation. My guess is that you somehow got desynced from the game and it never updated your character when you changed class properly, but we’ll know more if it’s fixed when you log back in.

I had same today, scoundrel gun with paladin bubble, fixed itself after some switching back and forth.

Yep, seems to be fixed after logging in today.


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