Burzuple issue (cute monkey critters)

Sorry about spelling but I have an issue with this critter quest. I need to kill 75 to complete so I go looking and say kill 25% then I have to log out of Orbus then come back in, I go looking for more critters and I can kill another 25 but it then don’t register in the missions page the percentage stays stuck at 25%. I then have to go give it in and try a new one but the same thing happens. I must have killed 300 of the little monkeys so far. There’s no way I can spend a whole session to get the whole 75 in one go sadly I can see that’s the only way at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know if I got it right, but it seems like you’re killing the attackable monkeys for that mission. Only the ones capturable using your net gun count for Pierre Cenn’s mission. I am getting it probably wrong, cause you already made 25% of it. That was just the only thing that came into my mind for that issue.

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It’s not the ones with the net capture it’s the ones you shoot. I think it’s a special mission. I get the mission go shoot say 15 of them I get a percentage I log out for the day go back the following day shoot say 15 more but the mission doesn’t log them, the percentage doesn’t move. I go back turn in and get again so start from scratch and same happens again. Just not sure what I’m doing wrong

Are you referring to this mission? If so, you must capture the critters using your net gun (not kill).

I actually worked it out myself in game, completely got it wrong it my head. Thanks for helping though just feel daft! Need to read properly! I have my little pet now so happy!!


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