Calvary class (and also maybe chariot rider)

this is a basic model of the calvary class i know it would be hard to put something as good as this model in a video game but you guys are talented devs so i think you could do it the calvary would be fast with medium defense and damage. the calvary would use chants to do more damage or poison effects this would be a fun class and it could be pared with something like a chariot or such. please consider this it would be very fun


I wish but probably not happening

another idea there are diffrent steeds dropped example: horses goats bears and mythical things it would be cool

I am… so confused
Can you explain it but a little more?
Like all of it?

in the beginning you get a basic horse or donkey and you also get a lance and a sheild then you fight and get better lances sheilds and diffrent steeds (goats donkeys horses bears ect.)

i don’t think this could be possible since balancing the class would be a pain and also making so detailed animals for a single class would be a waste

Yeah the details would kill quest players too

plus the fact of riding animals would be kinda weird to see in orbus since it does not fit in

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love the horse my dude 10/10 should add to game

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