Can I run Orbus on a GTX 1050 TI?

Oculus says a 1050 TI is alright but Vive recommends at least a 1060, does Orbus work fine with a 1050?

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If you can run VR at all, you’re good to roll.

If you dont have a VR headset, and dont know if your machine is VR capable, you should check out the information pages of the respective VR headsets.

My laptop 960 gtx plays all vr games just fine if i over clock it a little

Ooooh yeah. You can probably run it on ultra.

works for me. I am using a 1050 ti on a laptop. the integrated graphics messes with it… But generally it is stable in game. Thanks!

Note: Usually i use a PC with a 1080 and I do not see much difference in performance.

you can turn that off using nvidia settngs

Yes, you can. I have a 750ti, which is two generations older (the ti wouldn’t effect much in this case), and I run it fairly smoothly.