Can not log on to Orbus

I played Orbus yesterday with no issues. I just attempted to logon and I received the following message “It looks like your Orbus isn’t logged in properly to your device. You need to perform a Factory Reset of your Quest to repair your account.”

I followed the instructions and performed a factory reset. I downloaded Orbus, but I’m still receiving the same message.

Is there something wrong with the server?


its not letting me in either


I asked my boyfriend and he said that the servers might not go back out :confused:
I spend most of my time of that game

Thank you for letting us know, our servers are currently up and working, so we are investigating whats going on. In our testing we are getting the same error message to factory reset, and have tried the factory reset and this did nothing, so I would not take that step. I will keep this post updated with any new information.


Whats going on is there a patch update I dont know about?


The error message for playing on PC via Link Cable is slightly different, if this helps.

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Thank you for this. It makes me happy to see the developer acknowledging and responding to the issue.

I purchased the game two days ago. I played the tutorial, and the next day when I clicked “Login,” it would just reload the main menu. Today, I am receiving the message to factory reset.


Just wanting to update, we are still working on the login issue. As I said before doing a factory reset will not help or allow you to login so please avoid it.


You think the game will be up by later tonight or tomorrow?

Same issue here on three accounts for my family. Just bought this game last night :sob: hope it’s up soon before we have to refund, my son is so upset he just got a dragon

Hoping to have it fixed in next hour but don’t want to jinx it, will post an update once we have it all the way fixed.


Sooo closeee you can hit your name but it goes back to the beginning when u log in

Okay you should be good to logon now. Just to bring everyone up to date on the problem, the servers were stable and online the entire time, the problem was with login authentication on the back-end. This was an edge case scenario and should not happen again.

Please let me know if you run into any problems and we will continue to monitor.


Who’s this guy he’s an imposter i’m telling you

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