Can only teleport

hi I just loaded up the oculus home ver. of the game and while I know it’s in early access my locomotion setting isn’t working as it should. i’m suppose to be able to walk and smooth turn with my setting but while I can smooth turn (and that sticks a lot) I can’t walk meaning i’m stuck teleporting. is this an known issue and when can we expect a fix… oops I have a i7 6700k, 1080ti, rift

Make sure you have chosen the “Slide + Teleport” option at the top of the Locomotions settings (not “Teleport Only”). Then there are other options in addition to that at the bottom of the screen to choose how you want turning to work.

didn’t notice that let me check thanks for getting back to me so fast

ok that was it man I feel dumb but the movement sticks a lot mostly on the turning but I know it early access so I know it’ll all be worked out

Im on Oculus and in not aware of any stuck, or jerkiness. How do you mean? Did you accedently use snap turn instead of Smooth?

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