Can please a Dev change my Characters Name D:?

I bought a Barber Token but could not change my Name D:
In Discoprd they said i need a Dev to do so, could please a Dev give me a Name change on my Character Samiliel? xd

Would be very great :smiley:

FYI, in game go to settings, report a bug, and put the request in through there. The Dev’s are remarkably fast at contacting you through email to assist.

Now if only I could figure out how to change my name in the community.orbusvr to match my in-game name…

As in the bug is “please change my name” figured it might be safe to clarify

You can change your community forum name on the main Orbusvr website, think it takes a few days to update here tho.

you could also start a private messaging thing in these forums. Or you could just do this: @Mathieu_D

@Åsmund_T It’s been 15 days since I changed my name to my in-game name on orbusvr website. it shows it there but name still hasn’t changed for the discussions. Any suggestions?

Nah, I just remember doing it once, then saw that it didn’t update. Then one day it was suddenly updated, don’t remember how long it took, but it seemed like a stupid long time.
Might have been something else that triggered it to update other than time tho, maybe try to log out of the forums and back in again or something.

Try logging out of the forums, then clearing your browser’s cache history, then logging back on - that should get it to resolve.

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