Can someone please help

I’m interested in playing the game but my question is, is the game pay to play like most mmos or is it free?

You have to buy the game initially but then it’s forever free to play. There are cash shop items you can purchase if you want, but they in no way give you any advantage in game. They’re 100% cosmetic (minus the DLC)

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Ok awesome, I knew about buying the game. I was just worried about having to pay a subscription every month to play. I already pay for FFXIV so I didn’t want to pay for this too. You may have just sold me on the game

i HIGHLY recommend this game. Compared to the hours upon hours of entertainment you get from it, the price is almost nothing. I have played over 200 hours ingame and it is still my favorite game. There is SO much to do, with updates rolling out like every month entailing new classes, raids, and more content to explore. This is by far the best game for vr anywhere.

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Not to mention the AMAZING community. I wish i had taken advantage of all the great people in the game when i was starting out, it would have saved me hours of wasted time trying to complete a certain mission on my own (By the way, if you get a level 14 mission from darius saying to defeat the volur stafrage, GET HELP from a level 30 if possible) Anytime you need help, all you have to do is pop into highsteppe and ask around. This game is one of the best ways to make friends with common interests. It will provide you with hours of fun that you will not regret spending, what is it, 20 dollars on.

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This game is awesome, and (as stated above) you only pay for cosmetics & DLC expansions.

This is a new post. League Leader not responding to me. My character’s name is Cryia. I will list some of the missions but not the weakly ones. Level 10 dungeonI have to kill 5 undead 2 dungeon trolls and 2 lich kings.Then another dungeon one. This one is level 11. I have to kill 6 sewer rats. 2 mutated rats and 2 sewer slimes. Level 12 I have to kill fortified stafrutes near the Green Lady Temple Ruins.I have to kill The Horde in the Flooded Rainforest. I also have to kill Colossus also in the Flooded Rainforest.I have Track and Destroy the sorceress and her stafrasters. I have some more missions I am hoping that what I listed is enough to help me. Thanks in advance.

For the league leader not responding, this sounds like a bug, you should ask @Mathieu_D for help he is the community manager and a great guy. For the dungeon missions, go into your menu and look for the little icon with 3 heads on it, then click on that click queue for dungeon. Then you will click your class style (DPS, Tank, Healer) and wait for it to pull you into a dungeon with 4 other people. You will have to repeat the dungeon queue multiple times to complete your mission, because there are 4 different dungeons in the random queue. For, the other missions, i would get some ingame help with a level 30 or a group of other people. If you need help finding the monsters, i would use Potato’s interactive map: Interactive map - Community - OrbusVR Community

Thanks forgot to mention I am a level 26 warrior and a I think level 6 scoundrel.

If you are doing the non-dungeon missions as warrior, i would try to get a healer with you or even better, a healer and dps, just so its easier to do it. As for the dungeon missions, you only need to queue up by yourself, as it will automatically put you with a group.

you pay with your life

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