Interactive map

I made an interactive version of @Atroposmap , it has all the same information as Atro’s map as well as some more up to date info and all the new mini zones for the DLC mini story pack.

Icon Filtering and Resizing
What’s shown can be filtered and they all scale with the screen so you can always tell which icons are what. you can filter down to individual resources so you can get just what you need without anything else cluttering up the map. You can scroll through the list and what you show/hide is saved when you close the map and will be the same when you reopen it.

Dragon races, teleport pillars, dungeon entrances, etc. have tooltips when you hover over them, so there isn’t any text in the way either.

Quest Items
Most(All?) quest items from the main game and all quest items from the DLC can be found on the map in case you’re stuck on a quest. The Quest Items also have Numbering so you can easily find the exact ones you’re missing.

Player Position and Pathfinding
Every time you grab your compass a red dot will be moved to your player location on the map.
You can also set a waypoint anywhere on the map and a path will be drawn along the shortest route between your last updated position and the waypoint.
You can also set your own starting point to get the shortest path from somewhere other than your current location.

Public Event Tracker
Public events on the map have a circle behind t indicating what color the beam in-game is, as well as a grey circle that appears about 5 min before it goes to green. If you look at the tooltip of any event it shows how long until the event starts or how much time is left of the event if it’s already started.

Legendary fish
The legendary fish will update automatically to show if they are active or not. Most of the time they’ll be transparent, but then switch to fully visible when they can be active.
However, just because the fish is showing as active on the map does not always mean they are active in game as all of them have weather requirements that to my knowledge can’t be tracked. The different requirements for each fish is stated in the fish’s tooltip.

Trickster Goblin Timer
When The message for The trickster goblin appears, so will a 5 minute timer on the map with the name of the zone beneath it. After 5 minutes it’ll say Spawned and stay like that for another 30 seconds before being replaced by a 4 hour timer. the 4 hour timer will update for every goblin message that appears while the map is open and save that time, so the first time you open the map the timer will start at 4 hours, but update as soon as a goblin message appears. After a server restart the time will also be wrong until a goblin message appears. if it’s been a while since you were online while a message popped up it will be off by a few min due to the goblin spawn interval not being exactly 4 hours and vary by a few seconds every time.

If you’re on oculus quest(without link) and running the map on a PC, there will be a button above the trickster timer, clicking that will do the same as a message popping up in-game does. So click that as soon as you see a message in-game and you’ll have the 5 min timer and 4 hour timer so you can know when it will spawn.

Oculus Quest
If you play on oculus quest you can still run this map on a PC and use all the functionality of the map except for player position and the automatic trickster goblin timer will be replaced by a manual one. Everything else still works like normal.

Here’s a couple demo videos

If you find any mistakes, other stuff that should be on the map or features you think need tweaking/adding feel free to leave feedback.

Download v1.0.1:


Awesome work!

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New version, updated the download link.

  • added player location to the map, a red dot will now move to the last position on the map that the player grabber their compass

Edit: just realized I’m using my specific file path to read the combat log and not a universal one, so the player location will only work for people with Potato as their windows name atm. Will fix tomorrow, need sleep now. fixed now, download link is updated

more to come soon, have some pretty cool plans for what more to do with the player location.


sorry for random question dont we already have a ingame map in orbusvr and want to use a different map :thinking:

It’s not only a map, Atropos map shows fish, resources, quest items etc. etc.! It will never be added to the game since it would spoil exploring for those who want to, but is a tool which players made to make it easier for others who don’t wanna find all out themselves.


Update 0.3.0:

  • Added a waypoint system, it allows you to place a waypoint anywhere on the map and a path will appear between your last updated position and the waypoint.

Known issues

  • If you restart orbusVR you’ll also have to restart the map.

demo video:


Update 0.4.0

  • added trickster spawn timer. When The message for The trickster goblin appears, so will a 5 minute timer on the map with the name of the zone beneath it. After 5 minutes it’ll say Spawned and stay like that for another 30 seconds before disappearing.
  • added a few more tooltips.

demo video:


This is pretty cool, but just gave me a different idea. An in-game DPS meter like this would be sexy.

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Update 0.5.0

  • added a 4 hour trickster goblin timer which shows roughly the time the next goblin should spawn based on the last saved spawn time.
  • added the ability to scroll through the list of filters when it extends past the bottom of the window.
  • added the current collection of trickster spawn points I have, these are not the exact points and it’s not all of them. when looking for the goblin remember that it can also wander a bit away from where it spawns.
  • added a settings tab, currently it only has a toggle for the trickster timer and a slider for the size of the icons on the map.
  • added a system to save what you had enabled, disabled, collapsed and slider values. so when you open the map it’ll be the same as what it was when you closed it.

where do you install this too? what directory do you replace?

You can put it anywhere, just download the zip, extract it and run the “orbus reborn map.exe”


Oh ok i see that it opens the map on my desktop but i was wondering how you get it into the VR game. Does just running the .exe make it so that it will overlay it within the game? Sorry if i am confused or mistaken with anything

Well that depends on your headset, for example Rift users just use Oculus dash for that; best google how to attach other desktop windows inside VR apps for yours.

That isn’t a part of the map, what I used was OVR Toolkit from steam, but there are multiple other options that would also work and if you’re on an oculus headset you can use the oculus desktop and pin the window like metris said.

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Ok ill look into this pinning it to the dash board, but you have to switch in and out though wouldn’t you rather than have it in your hand like the video shows. I have CV1 Oculus Rift FYI. Maybe it cant be done in Oculus environment.

Yah it shouldn’t be an issue at all, pinning is a base function of your Oculus home. Just use the - Edit: quickly checked: B - button after opening your desktop while ingame and you see it (Show Keyboard - Pin - Minimize).

Make the app-window big/screenfilling on desktop, then ingame as small as you wish, positioning it, also you can quickly pin/unpin it if you don’t need it in between playing…

Thanks i will try this after work! I really appreciate the app as well as the help from you both!

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Mini Update 0.5.1

  • added tooltips to all spell pillars
  • added tooltips to a couple quest mobs
  • added quest Item markers for the chaos blade pieces
  • added more trickster goblin spawn points

Mini Update 0.5.2

  • added more trickster spawn locations
  • added tooltip to mishka’s cave

Update 0.6.0

  • added teleport pillars to the pathfinding, so when you set a waypoint it’ll now also show the fastest path using teleport pillars to the waypoint. In case you somehow have a reagent and can teleport(who does that anyway).
  • added total travel distance of current path, both the full walking distance and walking distance using teleport stones.
  • added more trickster spawn points
  • QoL: icons without tooltips will no longer block your cursor and prevent you from looking at the tooltip of an icon beneath it.
  • fixed lost wood locations