Runemage Spell Locations

I’m very new to Orbus as a whole and think it’s an amazing game. I’ve especially found myself liking the Runemage class. However, I only have 7 spells available to me - the 7 found in Highsteppe, and Frostbolt II won’t create a rubbing inside my journal. But that’s beside the point. MY main issue is, I’ve gotten rather bored of the 7 spells inside of Highsteppe, and yet I can’t find any rune pillars in the world. Can someone please give me the locations of some spells? Much appreciated, a fellow Orbus player.

Fist off, you don’t need to collect the spells to be able to cast them, you can cast everything straight off the bat, you just need to know what the spell looks like and practice it s bit.
If you want to get them I. Your journal to help you practice then all the spell pillars are on my map:

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