Can there be a “Community Generated Thing” yet?

Can we have a community generated world zone(s), or town(s), or enemie(s), or gear sets, or tinkerer item(s), or pet(s)?

Can we just get a community generated world zone where the Devs provide options that the community votes on to choose key points in the zone?
Key features could be but not limited to:
World Boss
Dragon Race
World Event
Teleport Pillars

I’m sure there’s something I’m missing but the point is Devs could provide multiple options for each aspect of the zone and the community could vote for what they would like to see implemented. All New designs could be provided as well as revamped Old School designs like Dovengrubben could be provided and voted on. That could help heal wounds with some of the community who wants to see more return like the desert or frosted spit or even the necropolar.

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This is an idea that I can get down with. The devs present a couple of ideas based on current community feedback and discussion with the community. I wouldn’t say “zones” per-say but I do know people have ideas. Hence the suggestions tab. We do know the devs look at it and it would be impossible to reply to all of them. But say If a Dev were to open a thread for a set time frame specifically designed to communicate to the community with a few ideas that they are trying to incorporate in-game. Based on that, the community can request ideas.


I mean a whole zone just provides a lot of different aspects as I listed above and I’m sure I forgot some. The best part about that is say you voted for a world boss but it didn’t chosen. You can still have one of the many other things available to vote for come into the game.

More options = more opportunity for a simple player to have at least one thing they want implemented.

Let’s say they just did a dungeon and it was a close vote like 51% to 49%. That would be a big percentage getting their hopes up then let down.

Let’s say you didn’t get your dungeon you wanted but you could still get your choice on Environment/Landscape, Town(s), NPCs, Enemies, Resources, Critters, Music, World Boss, Dragon Race, World Event, Teleport Pillars

See my point or no?

Oh sure, community involvement.

It depends if the devs would have time for that, and the money

And I suppose I just would like to hear from the devs about further projects a bit more. They keep stuff to themselves a lot of the time.

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Yeah same I wish they would give us more updates on things. Like all the immediate Old Orbus reimplement ideas and they have yet to say anything other than we are ”keeping note”.

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