Can we buy a 6th tab in our inventory?

I seem to need alot of space to keep my inventory sorted with multiple armour sets, and all the items used for all the classes (musky orbs, bard cresendos, etc). And in my situation I keep about 1.5 tabs free for other loot drops. From lvl chest to grinding. I think a few in the community would love to be able to have a 6th tab.

As a wise one once said, “space the final frontier”, so give us more space please :stuck_out_tongue:


Also relevant:

lol, well space is the final frontier. :heart:

The extra tab for bag-inventory would be awesome. looks hopeful

What we got is quite enough for most people am I right? But I understand the struggle…

I think most people will welcome an option to buy few extra tabs in stash / inventory for some $$

Devs will get some extra cash for ice cream and high end players like Scott will finally get some space!! :slight_smile:

(maybe additional tabs being available after reaching the limit of tabs you can buy for dram)

lol, I neeeeeed the space. :joy_cat: