Can we get a detailed updated road map of what is going on and what to come for orbus


It looks like a lot of people are getting impatient with waiting on finding whats going to happen with orbus. There have been people saying to move in a new direction or else they leave, people trying to get new guilds started, people wanting old things back, I think that a smart thing to do would be to give a detailed information with set dates and and events for what you are planning on doing this may help the players know that there favourite game has not been given up on like it has began to feel.
I do hope that this will give even a small incentive to tell us whats going on, I understand that the team for orbus is small and making a game like orbus is not an easy thing. but that is a good reason for the community to actualy listen to the devs and for the devs to listen to the community.

This is not to pick fights with people so don’t do that, This is just a request. this game used to have one of the best community out there so remember that and be polite and respectful of eachother.


I did say updated not the old one, I mean for them to address some of the things players have brought up.


I didn’t (still don’t) see updated, so I posted the last one I knew of, in the off-chance you had missed that one.


thats why I was asking for one.