Can we know something about Raids?


What are the raids going to be like? Is it going to be the same raid that just increases in difficulty like the old raids? Or are y’all going to make multiple different raids for example like the “battle of guild city” and “taking the citadel” I would like to see differents raids that increase in difficulty. If it takes more time then so be it. If you can only release one at a time then that’s fine.


From what it says in the blog post about end game content we will get a normal mode raid 6 weeks after launch and a hard mode version of the same raid sometime after that.

The Normal Mode version of the Raid will launch approximately 6 weeks after the launch of the game, with the Hard Mode version to follow shortly thereafter.

There will however also be a second raid added with content patch 1.

In this patch you can expect new dungeons, the Tinkerer crafting Discipline, and our second tier of end-game content, including a second Raid

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I would like to see a tradu raid
ive been thinking it would be the same place as in the old game with all the portals, but each of the portals lead to a different raid boss, and then the last boss would be in that big open area where the old tradu world boss was.
I think it would be awesome.
also, a great boss Idea would be like an ovisganger from the old game, because I dont believe it if those things didn’t get affected by the essence radiation

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