Cannot log in (Steam)

I cannot access my account. I reset my password, and then logged off and tried to reset it via "forgot my password. Fully logged off steam and tried again with to success. Someone please help :slight_smile:

You can’t log into orbus or steam?

When attempting to play the game for the first time you have to enter your OrbusVR password/email it keep telling me I have entered the wrong credentials, I have not :slight_smile:

Here is a quote from someone else that was having similar trouble.

I think I resolved the issue by reseting my password using the “forgot password” option instead of using the reset password within the account settings.

Steps I took:
Download steam version, asks me to link OrbusVR account, I forgot my pw so i reset it inside the account settings of OrbusVR website (auto logged in).

New password did not work to link my Orbus VR to my steam account as prompted when I start the game in steam.

So I reset password using the “forgot password” link on Orbus VR website, try it for linking account ingame, works fine.

Thanks again for fast Dev reply and PM, hope my steps/solution helps others if they have same problem.

log out of OrbusVR website, then when you go to log back into the website, when it asks for password, do the password recovery option.

(for some reason just going to the password change in account settings did not work for me, but the password recovery option by email after logging out of website did work)

The first thing I did before posting was find the exact thread you linked. I replicated the steps but alas I am having the same issue. :frowning:

Do you by any change have a special character like ‘#’ or ‘?’ in your password? That might block you from login in because of a bug currently. Also having a Proxy or VPN on might be the cause.

I did not. It took me resetting it several times and one just happened to work.

Sorry for the long turnaround time on this. Everyone is a little busy with the holidays at the moment. I’m happy you were able to resolve the issue though.

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No worries! :slight_smile: all is well. I am keeping a list of bugs I find and then just recording them all on a thread after the holidays.

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