Cant continue main quest

I just started doing main quest and got bugged. I need to gather woods for Flooded Rainforest, but game doesnt register last piece of woods. I tried restarting, but i always need one more woods for quest complete. Is there anyway to reset quests?

Hi, we’re currently digging into this issue on our side - right now there is a rare bug that can cause progress to stall. The current workaround is to complete a different quest, any quest, and it should update the quest you’re currently stuck on.

Sorry about that, we’re working on it.

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Im almost sure that i completed different quests after the issue. Weekly, level and Darius quests.

Ill try to do some quests when i get home to make sure tho.

Keep in mind it has to be quests, not missions. So leveling or weekly missions wouldn’t do it.

I have to give up to main quest for now. I have done quests from book and all kinds of missions today after bug and still cant continue main quest. Is there some secret type of quest/mission that im missing?

are you sure you’ve picked up all the wood pieces and not just picked up one twice? One of them in I remember being really easy to miss.


Thanks for the tip. I am not sure. Im gonna login and try to search better. All of them are in Flooded rainforest right?

Yeah they are all in the flooded rainforest, I also missed one, the one I had missed was the one on top of the hill between flying fish and the camp public events next to a big rock, I’d recommend going around the flooded rain forest in the opposite direction to the way you went originally as you might find one you missed before, that was how I found it after going around the same way 3 times and getting frustrated with it

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I actually pushed up a fix that should be fully applied this morning for all of the questing woes. Let me know if you guys still see issues with new quests.

Thanks Rickness. I found last part between flying fish and encampment.


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