Can't find small teeth?

Where the heck do I find these things? I’ve been slaying dozens of creatures — red tails, foxes, stags, those lobster looking things — and I just can’t find any. I need them for the second part of the fishing quest.

You can check the marketplace for small teeth a have seen quite a few in those.

I don’t have enough dram D:

You can breakdown misc gear, and other mats and sell the shards / mats at the apprentice smith (where you repair your gear)

Ahh I was wondering why I couldn’t just vendor my gear. Thank you!

you use to get them for wolves but they dont seem to be dropping like they use to i been getting them form tigers in jungle

They drop from boars near Kingsport and other higher level beasts.

Yeah, you won’t start seeing teeth until Kingsport. Around level 8.

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Believe it or not but I found Spiders to drop teeth pretty regular.

kingsport is where you’ll start amassing teeth like some kind of tooth fairy.

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I hate to say it but I feel that the stall owner have be taking advantage of new players with these small teeth. I see so many new players asking about them because I feel the game doesn’t properly explain how drops work. The 150 dram price only works because new player lack the information of how common those teeth are.

I think it would be a service to the player base if you could put the price at 50 dram as to not take advange of people who just don’t know. You would still make money.

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Future Auction House per chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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