Cant find the Map?

Hi every one i am trying to figure out where the map is at i got the campus from the quest giver?

Provided you’ve reached Guardian Bart’s dialogue line about receiving a map, it should appear as one of the pages in your player journal. :slight_smile:

Just checking in to see if you found the map yet, as Nick said you will receive it as part of your tutorial training when talking to Guardian Bart (the old man in the blue robes). It is towards the end of the tutorial when he is teaching you about the compass.

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Ill try when i love in again thanks so much :slight_smile:


Is there no map beyond the first? Meaning, I can see the other places near Guild City?

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Yes you eventually earn a map for the 4 main zones (Highsteppe, Guild City area, Desert, Rainforest) while doing the main story quest, all of which were actually created by a community member named Kyle (sorry dont know your in game name Kyle and dont want to use your last name on here)

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Oh interesting, I’m a good chunk into the Guild City quests where they’re sending me to different places but I never got a new map.

You get it from the Sir who wanted to assassinate the prophet or what he is called again :slight_smile:

When i should get those extra maps? Im doing the quest in guild cyti where you need to get the last meal for tgw prisoner but still dont haw the map for that place :thinking:

you get it after you got everything for the last meal and give it to him (when I remember correctly)

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Thats correct, once you turn in that quest he give its to you.

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It’s robotlove, thanks for the shout out!

That prety weird, cuz you haw to do some quests in that region without the map just to get the map, i dont mind it cuz the world isnt that big or complicated but it still strange that you dont get the map before you go there.

Yea that might need a tweak. I mean, as a newbie running around I was pretty confused.

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