Can't finished Tutorial?

I couldn’t hit the dummy with the bow and arrow, the arrows go through. Then the same with the musket. I got by this by killing the dummy with my sword. However, now I’m on the harvest part and the pickaxe isn’t doing anything to the little green leaves?

Am I doing something wrong or?

I had the same problem, but I used the respawn at the graveyard thing in the options to get it fixed.

This needs to be fixed for sure.

For now though if you would like an alternative way to make it through the tutorial try using the gun. The poison orb is good for hitting mobs your shots would normally go through. Just aim at the ground in front of the target. You can also throw your turret orb that is attached to your right side. If you shake that turret you can switch it between damage or healing. All the combat in the tutorial can be completed as the musketeer even if Bart wanted you to use a bow.

Restarting the game made it so collision was back on. :slight_smile: Hopefully new players see this before they leave.