Can't get Orbus to update


While my other apps are updating fine, Orbus hasn’t updated in days. I’ve been hoping it was just a matter of a patch, but day after day I get a message that:

Version 6.992
No information about this update.

If I hit download, it gets through 100 percent of downloading, gets to installing and … stops. Right back to the beginning. No information on what’s wrong or how to fix it.And while it tells me to contact Oculus support, Oculus support seems to have no topic for Orbus, or even a way to report an issue with an update.


Hey Mark,

Just to be sure are you wanting to play the current base game or participate in the Beta going on right now for Reborn?


I was just trying to play the game from the Oculus store. Wasn’t even aware of the Beta.


Okay. I’m not sure what to say on the store issue, someone else had this problem before and I believe they had to uninstall it and install it to a different location to fix it. As far as I know it’s nothing we can help with as it’s something to do with the Oculus installer.

If you would like to participate in the Beta here is the info on that:

  1. Check your drivers
  2. Check Windows doesn’t have an update
  3. Restart

Worked for me when I had this issue