Cant get past 50 damage level musket

I’m a level 9, 800 armor and i just cant get an upgrade to my musket. I did some fighting in the rainforest but nothing.

Go to the desert with a group and kill the cati, and worms you should get some 100-200 dmg items pretty quick and alot more exp, warning, more danger

Actually i need to kill 16 of each animal in desert, and i’m only level 9 musketeer what do they expect

Team up I started desert stuff at lv 5 and I have good gear now at lv 7 and I’ve been getting 100-200 xp a kill in the desert

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Thanks do you think a 20 level mage would be enough to team up with

Yes, someone lvl 12-13 can solo the small cactus’. Just got to worry about pulling 2.

Polymorph the extras

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