Cant get voluspa's tooth

killed him about 5 times today with dif people and get nothing

I think that could be slightly misleading Ill look at the quest text to see if I need to change the text on that one, but there is a second quest that you get once you talk to Lord Rudolf that tells you to kill Voluspa. Once you kill her that will complete that quest and you go back to talk to Lord Rudolf who will give you the tooth as a trophy for the kill that you then take back to Markos.


yea that’s it then lol i thought i had to bring it back with me

Okay ill see if I cant make it a little clearer in the Journal, glad you got it done though!

i have the tooth in my bag but its still saying 0/1 on the quest book

on which quest the trials or a diff quest?

i also had problem with this quest after you kill voluspa it says 0/1 tooth collected but if you return to the quest giver cant think of his name the wolf hunter guy you can complete the quest not sure if its a bug or just a misunderstanding is he giving you the tooth or should you get it after you kill voluspa because it seamed that he gives you a tooth form a dragon that you just killed

You get the tooth from rudolph

but how did he get a tooth form a dragon that you killed

The tooth is actually a trophy that Lord Rudolph gives you, not an item you collect as a drop.

so the tooth was form a mob he killed? just seems wrong to me

Yep, just telling you how to complete it. im not staff just helping ya

i complete the other day was just saying i thinks there is something wrong with the quest not that is was uncompletable

So in the dialogue Markos sends you to help Lord Rudolf rid the area of Voluspa, you then talk to Rudolf and he says where to find her and to slay her and bring back her head to show his men not to be afraid of her anymore (so you complete his quest by killing her and returning to Rudolf) once back at Rudolf (with her head) he thanks you for slaying her and gives you a tooth as a trophy of your kill (from the head you returned with) which is what Markos wants to see as proof of your kill.

I think the part that could be confusing is that when you kill the wolves beforehand they drop ears so you would assume that Voluspa would do the same. I can look at the journal text and see if I can make it better so there wont be as much confusion in the future though.

I see my confusion I missed the part where we are bringing back the dragon’s head

Ya i think ill add in some more explanation to the journal entry itself, as Ive seen a few people confused by it already, haha we want the quests challenging not confusing so ill see what i can do.

I killed Voluspa 2 extra times last night due to this misunderstanding. I think part of my problem was I remembered seeing a beta thread talking about it being a non-guaranteed drop, but I also thought “oh, I have two quests to kill Voluspa”

I think the problem is the overlapping quests. There could be a quest to go talk to rudolph and when you do that it completes and you get a quest to go kill voluspa and then you complete that and get the tooth.

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