Can't grab weapon on older Toon from Pre Reborn time

I haven’t played Orbus VR since just before the huge update\revamp. I used to play with no issues. I loaded up the game for the first time in a while and with my toon, Orsk, I can’t grab weapons behind my head (Musket) and I don’t see my trap. I created a new toon to test, another musketeer, and can grab\draw my weapon with no issues. Not sure if something needs fixed or transferred, I don’t want to loose my dragon and other gear with this toon by not being able to really use it.

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Have you tried closing client and reopening it ?
I’ve had it bug out my characters before like that normally when I played with grip button too much with interactables (normally shaman + tagger gun = broken hands )

I think I may have had to full reboot my steam or PC now that I’m thinking about it … but even alts were affected by my issue.

I’ll try it again tomorrow, I’m doubtful it will help but will try. I did relaunch Orbus a few times to see if the issue would clear up earlier.

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I know it’s a silly question, but do you have a shaman mask equipped?

Also a bit of a stretch, but is there any chance you had equipped the fishing class before the changeover? It bugs out your character now since fishing isn’t a class and requires a dev to fix it…

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