Can't hear anyone and they can't hear me

I can hear sound effects and music and everything else but I cannot hear other players and they cannot hear me. I have tried to disable and enable the option in setting for voice chat but that didn’t fix it. What can I do? I know my mic and headset worked I tested them. Makes the game feel so empty when I cannot interact with the other players.

Are you using a Rift or Vive? You should make sure your microphone is set to your default communication device. You can do this in the “Recording Devices” menu.

I seem to be having the same issue. using vive, all settings are correct when steam vr starts. tested in other vr game mic working and people can hear me. seem to just be a issue in this game. I can hear others but it is like they are far away.

If both of you can send me output logs using the “Send Reports” button on the launcher (bottom-left corner) and put in there “Mic not working” that would be great. If you already have then thank you for doing that I havne’t had a chance to look through them yet today.

I submitted a report and am offline

ok log submitted. thank you.