Can't see when fish bite

I can’t see the lure when they bite when lure is in white :frowning:


Turn on controller vibration! I never look at my lure and I didn’t even know that it actually went under the water.

I agree with Sift, turn rumble up to max.

But the real question is, why on earth are you fishing?! It sucks.

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I must be using the setting wrong. When I turn it up it vibrates the entire time I’m reeling in fish, which is 100% uptime.

Because it’s fun.

It’s been so long since I have fished that I don’t know if it is supposed to vibrate the whole time or not.

1 controller is supposexto vibrate the whole time while realing while the other vibrates when it bites. But I can never notice the extra vibration. Really doesn’t work out for me so always concentrating on the splash.

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Yeah, ever since reborn the extra vibration from the fish biting is so similar on oculus cv1 controllers to the regular reeling vibration that I can’t reliably differentiate them.

On vive/index its no problem at all, not sure about the new touch controllers.

Would suggest the devs lower the reeling vibration so you can more easily tell when a fish bites.


Yea there should be better visual indication, with the current winter theme you see nothing in Hulthines or HS at times, but also without winter on bright days it’s sometimes hard.

Just as others said, had to turn vibration off completely when fishing, at least on the Rift S. I still play with Rift original also, which is fine, but my Rift S controllers are vibrating all the time while fishing, even on lowest settings. Lowest or highest make no difference.

My “workaround” is to hook every 2-3 secs, no matter what, just to make sure I don’t miss the bite, but it’s exhausting, currently I stopped fishing almost completely due to this.

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I can fish just fine on without looking at the bobber. The vibrations are enough for me to tell when I have a fish.

I don’t know about vibration the whole time since that never is the case for me. - A Quest user

I am still fairly new to the game, but I have noticed that there is no need to manually reel; it will come back automatically, thereby negating the need to differentiate vibrations. Makes fishing a fairly simple and enjoyable process.

except manually reeling is a lot faster and doesn’t decrease your chance to catch fish, if you want to fish efficiently you have to reel in.

I’ve been wasting time this entire time?! Dang… So, regardless of how long the bait is in the water, you’re telling me my chance at catching a fish are determined at the moment of cast?

yes, that is correct

or, it’s not really determined when the lure hits the water, it’s more just “chance at fish” every x distance, so time is not a factor.

…but wait; if the game isn’t open source, then how do you know that?

Because the devs told us :slightly_smiling_face: