Casting Lvl 2 Affliction

Runemages out there… I was able to consistently cast Affliction Lvl 2 in Beta via quick casting (ie. Not drawing the full rune). Has this been patched or has the spell been changed? I have also tried drawing the full rune and had no success… so I am really lost. Please this was one of my favorite “go to” spells. I also enjoyed teaching it to others and sharing this underappreciated spell.

You probably got a little too comfortable drawing it incorrectly and formed a bad habit :stuck_out_tongue: happens to me all the time. I can confirm the rune is working fine for me, I’m drawing the full rune.

Thanks Smooch, I guess I will just need to experiment and try to get it right again. One question though, does the square bottom portion start from the right or the left?

There is no correct order for drawing the runes, some ways probably make it easier to draw then others. Personally for this one I draw regular affliction, then the box, then the circle.

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