Casual vs hardcore

I hear the term casual being thrown around a lot in Orbus, I just wanted to give my two cents about casuals vs hardcore.

To me, time does not determine whether you are a casual or a hardcore player. I don’t care if someone plays for an hour at a time, or if they play for hours at a time.

What determines a casual from a hardcore player is their mindset. “Are they willing to go through the same activities - losing time and time again - to learn mechanics and wouldn’t stop untill they succeed”. If yes, most likely you are a hardcore player. If no, the opposite.

~ Just my thoughts.

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Originally this is about regularity and time spent. Casuals drop in once or twice a week (they tell if they are there or come spontaneously). The cores are near-daily players to proceed on harder content, together, in more or less fixed groups (they tell if they are not there).
The mindset can focus on different content, some regulars quest and farm and craft the hell outta the game, playing less in groups, some active in endgame/group content skip crafting all together, buying their potions etc. I know “hardcore” grinders, traders, fishers, collectors and dungeoneers/raiders, all take the game more seriously than people firing up their Quest to have a good time once or twice a week.

We use the term to decide whose shards we do and how high we go. I notice the shard-system often turns out to concentrate on very few regular people hosting them for the guild (and consequently running out of space for them, slowly…), since going all the way to 15 can take long and you will not want to wait a week until you can proceed with a shard or start over all the time.

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