Cat ears for all hair styles?

Hello. I own a pair of cat ears, and unfortunately I can’t wear them with my favorite hairstyle because they get hidden in the hair. I was wondering if there was a way to solve this? It really makes me sad not being able to use my favorite hairstyle with them. Anyone else got cat ears and are unable to wear their fave style with them?

can you send us a picture of which hairstyle it is, and we can check into it

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Ok sure. How do I get the image to you?

The selfie bot from the public event mission NPC or a screenshot of your equipment on the left of the inventory.

I’m on pc so I just take a screenshot with that and the raven camera, I mean where do I send the image?

I’m guessing it’s the same email that I used before to email the devs, so I’ll send it there.

@TangleTheFox you can post it on here as well as an attachment
Here’s the image



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