Cave exploration feels a bit empty

The Orbus world relies too heavily on the missions. For the open areas, there are various forms of wildlife and harvestable things to find while the caves have either nothing at all or a couple of minerals lying around. The caves around the world are always intriguing because there is always some significant number or size to the monsters just outside of them. Then you make your way into them and it turns out that was nearly pointless without the related missions. Keep the missions, of course, but shouldn’t the world itself provide reasons to explore? Maybe we could find buffs, potions, or tomes with temporary enhancements that can only be obtained from exploring the Orbus caves. Maybe there could also be rare dyes of different colors for each cave showing others that you’ve been there recently. The minerals are necessary, but having a few minerals or nothing at all is a pretty lacking set of options for getting past a horde of enemies.


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