Caves don’t feel like caves :,(

Caves in Reborn just don’t feel like I’m in a cave, so full of light and can see everything. I miss Old Orbus Mayo Sanctum bc of how dark it was, you either had to light it up with mage spells or carry the torch’s but it was a great aspect to the dungeon that made it feel like I was that much more in the game. The Giant kelpie and Dovengrubben rooms happened to have good lighting which makes sense. My favorite part was walking towards the final boss room bc as you walked towards the door it would be the darkest part of the dungeon and so quiet and all the sudden you walk into the door space and the room is HUGE! It fills with light from all the giant pillars it’s almost as if I watched them light one at a time showing the enemies in My pathway until it finally lighted up the boss as he stood there in all his glory in front of his giant green crystal thingy. My point is walking in that room gave me chills and made me ready to fight. Now a days I just feel like I’m playing through the motions, there’s no depth to the fights or dungeons. It’s more or less “stand here, shoot that, when this pops up move here, repeat” mist keeper and his first boss are okay having to move so much I like this but it’s still got that “let’s just get this over with” feeling not a “GET READY FOR BATTLE” feeling. I went a little off topic, my point is I would like to see a little more realistic lighting. In caves, maybe light streams through the trees in the rainforest, etc. My focus is the cave lighting.


Shadows and such get expensive very fast and would likely be near impossible on quest. As a PCVR option to sacrifice performance for a graphical improvement like this would be good to have, sure I would not use it so I could have a better framerate but it would be a nice addition if I wanted to just walk around on ultra for a while and feel more immersed. (Still can barely tell the difference between ultra and low graphic settings.)


They could bake the lighting in the cave instead of using real time lighting and that’d save big time on resources, while also having a similar effect.


Shouldn’t the cable coming out for the quest fix that issue?

@Morfran i remember my first time in moa so dark after level 20 doing it every time was able to fight and see in the dark :joy:

Ya it is kinda strange that there is a lantern made with tinkering without any dark areas in the game.

So from my perspective it is not a ‘ooh old game had this so this game needs this’ but more of a ‘ooh there is currently multiple methods that light things up. One method was even added very recently. Its kinda strange there are no dark locations.’

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yeah what the use to craft latern no use other then looks

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We are actually tweaking the Abandoned cave mine and some of the other dungeons to be darker to add to the atmosphere like others have pointed out the old Maos sanctum had, we just didn’t want to do it right away before players had a chance to craft the lanterns.


As a heads up when shamans show their masks it removes the light from the lantern for the shaman. I would be good if the light persisted through as the lantern is still there for other players when the shamans have their masks on.

Ok…?? My eyesight isn’t too good in VR (also because there’s no existing distance on headsets really matching the one of my eyes) and the stalactites up there at Dovregubben are barely distinguishable from the ceiling already, so I really hope this does not screw it all up for many players in similar condition, doing endgame content. And gives competitive groups a major advantage who did those dungeons on level 10+, early on, with proper lightning.

The need to have that lantern on belt during fights also changes alot, because I got Healing Potions in one slot and Luck Potions in the other, would hate to choose in between or forget to equip the latter ones in time. Plus I find that kind of moving lightsource overly annoying, having it on the belt for a longer time is distracting - wonder if all here crafted it already?
I tested it a bit and don’t think it’s even very useful, sorry, rather blindening since it’s only lightening the direct surroundings and thus distracting from focusing on fights and (for the healer) watching the group.

How about darkening caves which do not affect endgame play, like the many, many in the overworld?? There I don’t need to watch out to heal players which are merging into walls, visually, and we are not under time constraints.

Something like Maeo comin back, as romantic as some might have found it, well I did not like it (and iirc I ran it around 250 times or more…) If there was no mage in group - currently we almost never got one - tied up with lightning spells instead of playing, you simply saw nothing, most of the time; and nobody really has time to care for holding torches in speed runs, which also slipped and bugged out way too often.
Plus it is VERY different from headset to headset and overall setup how dark or not it really is… for some Maeo was well bearable while others complained about pitch-black areas. This comin back would be a potential reason to quit dungeon runs rather, sorry, just my two cents.

Hopefully by that time we can have runemage’s light spell stick again :wink: wink wink nudge nudge

I do think it would help to the fact you don’t want to push it too fast so no-one/few people have lanterns. I’ll be interested to see how you implement the lighting!

The community really seems to think the lanterns are cool from what i have heard btw, great job on that!

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