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So currently there are these tiles that are the so called hits per second tiles. These tiles have a major design flaw. This flaw is that it is very obvious if you look closely that they are triggered on a fixed 1 second timer. This makes them very inconsistent and there is no way to proc them with certainty. I think this can be best explained with examples.

Lets say you are an archer. There is this tile called “M” tile. This tile proc’s if you hit an enemy twice in one second. But now think about that one second timer. You shoot your first arrow, and you shoot your second arrow with 0.9 seconds between it. It should proc’ right? Nop (maybe). Because if you hit your first arrow on 0.1 second to 0.9999 seconds on that timer you will not get the M proc’ed. But you did two shots per second. Well sometimes you might get it proc’ed. But that is pure randomness because you can not know the 1 second timer that is on the background. So this basically gives a random change of getting M tiles proc’ed.

So why are they still used in some tilesets? Because if you shoot a poison arrow, or charged arrow, it counts as two hits. While you are charging or shooting the poison you have like a 90% change that you get the M tile after that. But now is that stupid 10% where you have ZERO% power of where you hit that poison or piercing on a lower time frame than 0.1 seconds of the 1 second timer and you get the N tile instead… whole tileset broken. Just because of a 10% change. This makes the delay tiles horrible.

Even worse is the Warrior. If you provoke in a certain speed you will always loop back between either 3 hits per second and 4 hits per second. Or when being a faster warrior 4 hits per second and 5 hits per second. Just because the first hit can land on a different spot on the 1 second timer. That is not too bad. Tiles enough to cover them both.

But now the charge provoke comes into the game… or charge of any other combo. Now you f’ed. You start releasing your attack and you get a 2 hits per second delay… or 3… or 4… or 5… Charges are discouraged for using any hit per second indicator. You basically made it a stupid plan to charge if you want to get your tilesets up all the time CONSISTENTLY.

K rant over. Many more cases, but this should be enough reason for a change. I am suggesting another system for counting hits per second. Just like the delay tiles. You start the amount of hits per second timer on the first hit and count the amount of hits after 1 second. Then you reset it and get ready for the next hit to start the count of the amount of hits per second again. This would mean more control for the player to not be dependent on the RNG of the invisible 1 second timer.

Consider it for either a new iteration of the hits per second tiles or to just improve on in the future.


My tiles have been broken since the introduction of talents, when I picked the 1shot/second talent…


That is a whole other can of worms @Paul_G2. bc you gave no context I am just going to asume your tilesets are using the one from the wiki of Improved charge while you actually need the rapidcharge tilesets. Where you actually need gAM instead of iAM as tiles.


Before talents, the runes were poison arrow, charged piercing, shoot as fast as possible, charged piercing, safap, repeat… If I remember correctly… Is that the one you’re naming?. I’m not too sure what gAM and iAM tiles are, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the advice. Is there an updated wiki to include talents now?


well the reason it doesnt work anymore is because of the shoot as fast as possible. with precision the speed u go at is a precise one per second, so unless your as fast as possible was originally one per second then the tiles would need to be changed


If that’s all that’s wrong with it, that’s great! Thanks for the info! Is there a new guide that has been updated since talents? I haven’t seen one.

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