Changing Bow aim

more and more VR games are coming out that have the bow aim down the shaft of the arrow buy holding the string to your nose and drop straight down. i hunt each year with a bow and this is not how you aim… for how the bow aims you rest the arrow on your cheek and the flight of the arrow in slightly off set to the left or the right “depending on your bow arm” with this being the 1st mmo coming out i would love to see this changed. also with the ability’s that show up on your bow to help aim if they all could be set to the right side if your holding the bow with your left arm and set to the left if your holding it with your right arm that would allow the sight side to be free of distraction and help with aiming. but still show everything. if someone could get back to me with some feedback that would be amazing and i hope that i expanded this properly thanks
: Grounder

I understood it but I too shoot recurve bows. I would love a realistic experience myself, I’m just afraid coding and mechanics might make it difficult… here’s to hoping!

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The game doesn’t force you to aim with the arrow on your nose, you’re free to aim in the way you feel better/more comfortable.

as i hold the controller to my cheek it is placing the shaft of the arrow to my nose “forcing” holding a bow at a slight angle to compensate for this. also having the supper orbs off set to one side the free up the line of site can help this problem all together holding the bow with the left arm all of the ability indicates set to the left holding with the right arm all set to the right.

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