Changing Community Forum Name

Just a quick question. Would it be possible to edit your display name on the forums? I don’t intend to use my real name as my character name within Orbus, plus I’m currently using my anticipated character name on the unofficial discord. Just looking to change the name to allow for consistency. I’m sure there are several people that wouldn’t mind changing their forum name to their anticipated character name, especially once the official naming policy is released.



Oh, perfect! I didn’t even think to look there. Just browsed through my forum prederences. Thanks!

ditto. actually found it by chance when i went to main site instead of the forum site

no prob!

great. I know discourse tends to lock nicknames really quickly. hopefully they use their own account management !

Sweet! Thank you so much! Hope my change worked.

If it doesn’t work right away just log out and back in on the forums (top-right, under your username icon) and it should fix it.


Wonder-full! It worked!