Characters and NPC's won't spawn

When I log in on my main character, the NPC’s and other players won’t spawn. However, when I log on to another character I created then it works fine. The level of my main character is also shown to be 0 in the log in hub, it should be level 4. So it seems to be a problem with my main character not connecting to the server correctly. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a way to solve it?

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After you log in go to your Player Menu under Settings and choose “Return to Graveyard.” You probably got stuck between zones, sorry about that, it’s a bug.

Thanks for the fast response! there is an NPC at the graveyard I spawned at so it did seem to solve the problem kind of. However, I have no idea where I am as I dont recognize the graveyard and the compass only shows wender wood, hulthines gate, the twins and patrayal ranger which I know none of, when I start walking around there are still no NPCs and in a town i came to there are still no NPC’s, is there any way to spawn back at the beginning in the first town or at the tutorial ground? :slight_smile:

Sure, I can move you back there manually. Log out of your game and tell me your in-game character name.

I have logged out and closed the game now, my ingame name is David

Okay log back in and you should be back in the Tutorial Area. Sorry about that!

now its working, thanks alot! and keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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I had this same issue. I could not see any npc characters at all so I tried to go back to town by using the graveyard port and I ended up in that same desert graveyard still unable to see npcs. My characters name is satori.