Charge a monthly subscription

I am really worried about the serves. What happens when sales dries up but the server cost remains? Not sure the headset community is large enough to support micro transactions.

Just charge us $10 a month and follow the old model of mmos

They already have worked out a financial plan, there is no need to worry. They will charge for yearly expansions in the future and some other cosmetic stuff im sure.

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i bet lost one third in numbers if need to pay monthly. game would die faster than you thought.


Ya i for one aint paying no monthly fee, thats not a good idea. They will have expasions and microtransactions, which give more revenue.

There is a reason it “old” mmo model. We have only what 2 subscription based games left.
On other hand I will spend at least 20$ a month on cosmetics to support development and I’m not alone for sure.


We all have concerns but honestly we should wait until after they implement their microtransaction system.

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Agreed, we can only go off so much off other games histories, but this is vr, so whats happening on pc won’t transfer neccesarily the same, so only time will tell what will be needed.

Tbh I prob would pay sub fee if the games constantly being updated. But on a pc pespective, subs give the lower revenue.

Riley has talked about this in the past and says they have made a financial plan for running the service


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