Chef Lethrow quest gltched?



I forget what part of the quest this was since it happened a few days ago (I had no idea that it was glitched) but I remember that he asked me to get King stag meat, and after getting it the quest line just kind of stopped. I thought that I just completed it because when I went to him I think I got xp and nothing else popped up afterwards. I was just doing side quests to try and level up thinking that the game wanted me to go and find where the rest of the main quest was by myself. I tried talking to Bart, but all he tells me is to talk to Francis about king stag meat even though I can’t interact with him nor Lethrow anymore. My in game name is Kizuke


Hi, sorry about that - we’re aware of some issues with quests right now and are looking into it.


So I reset it so your character can re-accept the Demanding Chef 2 quest from Chef Lethrow, do that and you should be back on track. Sorry about that.


Thank you so much. I haven’t done the quest yet, but I was able to accept it from him unlike before. I also got the wand quest line completed too, so thank you for the help with everything. It’s nice knowing that the devs of this game help and interact with their community and players unlike so many others, so thanks again.


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