Chests are not rewarding

it would be cool if you guys could find a way that we don’t always get a lot of boxes we open up unnecessarily and then destroy the stuff that comes out because nobody needs it anyway. This is so boring D x

It is not only boring but also annoying to destroy the armor parts you get

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It’s for the leveling up process, but the gear you get from chests means almost nothing. I say almost as you get a minor-major shard depending on the gear. It became a chore at times knowing you’ll be getting lower stat gear to destroy (especially when in bulk.)

Having a mechanic in place where you could destroy in bulk would be good to ease the pain of spending 5 mins opening and destroying loot.

It’s certainly annoying that you can’t mark the items but I think it would be much better that you don’t get a box for every level up as level 30 and for missions you cleared, which is not worth it and where you have to destroy all items in it.

every time i give up all my missions i get flooded by garbage and this although environmental protection plays an important role nowadays

please make it stop : c

Marking all items would not be an optimal solution
It would be exactly the same. Then we’d have to mark everything.
It would be less annoying but it would be exactly the same.

Please let us know if you all agree or the developers wouldn’t change it <3
Of course only if you are also of the opinion ^.^

Keep the shards you get and sell the stuff you already have stacks of in your player house for dram. KEEP the shards you get. They will be useful later if you haven’t reached that point yet. And if you think breaking down boxes from missions and leveling up are bad, then don’t even think about using the grinding pot.

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This is the problem
my inventory is always full of Armor
It’s so stressful Dx make it stoooop

I don’t think you understand the issue.

It’s just annoying to open the boxes
and I think almost all level 30 players would agree with me

i love rewards and it’s cool when items get out even if what you get out of it is not very great.

The emergency solution to the problem I am looking for would be
that you can mark items you want to destroy so you don’t always have to click and destroy that annoying one for items you don’t want to have

It would be better if you could just get the minor shards out right away instead of the level 30 armor pieces
even better would be to edit all rewards

As Shizz said… later you need shards to reroll secondary stats, they are very valuable. I destroy nothing, all things I got a stack already I sell to the vendor, some of the more rare dyes are still selling well in the AH; the “garbage” is adding up with time.
I am going for all overworld transmogs also, trying to get complete collections in my transmog chest, gold, silver etc. and make it a sport to check for my missing in every chest. I enjoy the sorting and selling, actually, I like these chests very much; after a saturday morning of events I open them all, gladly, and see what I all got, yea the clicking can be reduced, why not, but the content is fine.

Especially I like the overlevel ones which got useful potions in it, now and then (could be more balanced tho, nobody needs 100s potions of forgetfulness…).

PS: ‘open all’ should be thoroughly implemented, so rare overworld drops and other chests which are sellable in the AH are excluded…

I would love to see an “open all” option for the reward chests rather selecting a chest, clicking the thing to open it, clicking the next chest, clicking the thing to open it, over and over and over


Ok. I see, the way the first post read made it sound like you just didn’t want the items.

That’s makes sense, also wish they would bring back the ability to type a number for breaking apart stacks instead of hitting the up button 50 times. :grin:


I very much look forward to those chests, as I need all the shards. Gotta get those effervescents somehow, and it won’t be from breaking down many legendary items!

The open all chests button won’t solve the problem though. Its more annoying to destroy all the armour you get from it and selling, storing or destroying all crap you get from it.

I have often too many chests in my inventory to even be allowed to open them all at the same time. Or I just automatically lose stuff for having a full inv.

I can also imagine the all chests open button won’t care about small chest vs lvl up chest. Which personally I open in seperate sessions to have to deal with less stuff. So would like to see if this gets implemented, having seperate open all buttons for the two types of chests.

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I ended up with this and more from the chests LOL

You know you can transform those all the way up to Effervescent, right?

Yup, that would give me just one. :face_with_thermometer:
I figure it’s much more worth it in Dram…

maybe would being able to directly destroy the chests would make inventory management a bit easier?

Or make item chests stackable so it wouldn’t full up our tabs when turning in multiple missions and other activities.

With a botton that allows you to open “x amount” or breakdown “x amount” and completely skip the opening process.


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