Christmas Dragons

So I’ve begun Breeding my christmas colored dragons to give out during december to Sprouts and others. I enjoy hearing and seeing the sprouts excitement in-game when they receive their first dragon.



Awesome! Excited to see what you come up with.Thanks for doing this for the community!

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or christmas pug

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A pug with a santa hat on? cash shop pet?? lol

yes the name will be carlos

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@Prime209 here a chistmas pug20171125_000139|375x500

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WTB one in game lol

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Got this plunderer is this what you mean?

The ones i’m breeding atm are green body with red spots, wings and horns, and soon i’ll do the red body with green spots, wings, and horns. But yes like that.


I’m also going to make ones that are red body, white spots horns and wings (santa Hat) colors.

what colors do i need to breed to get a christmas dragon like that? Hope you see this! New to the game but loving the dragon breeding aspect alot

I been breeding Red White and Blue and Red White and Green dragons to appeal to Americans. Italians and Mexicans… Never really thought much about hoarding a few RWGs for Christmas… Black Orange Purple dragons sold good right around Halloween… I think it is a great idea tho. Thank You!!

do you have a picture of what breeding a red white and blue and red would look like or red white with green dragon? i want to breed a christmas dragon

I am not sure how to take a screenie in Orbus. I know I can do it with my selfie cam but there is no Orbus folder in my docs or SS folder in the app folder so I dunno where they go lol … I am using A Primary White/White Secondary Red/Red Spot Blue/Jungle Green to breed with a Primary Blue/Blue Secondary Blue/White Spot Blue /Jungle Green. I don’t always get the color combo I want… but I always get something cool.

Nice, each dragon cost me 8k to make using treats to get what i want. If you are using the quest for screen shots idk how to help ya there, but for rift S it puts them in my picture folder and labels them as orbusscreenshots.

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